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Lauren Chervinski

Lauren Chervinski is a passionate entrepreneur, author, and explorer with a heart to inspire others. 

She owns two websites: Racket Royalty, a fun destination for pickleball advice, strategies and resources. And Trippy Spirit, an exploration of spirituality, personal growth and discovery. Both projects are fueled by her desire to help people express themselves fully and make their dreams come true.

In addition to pursuing her passion projects, Lauren also loves being outdoors in nature. She finds great joy in discovering new trails while hiking or finding a pickleball court in her local area. 

Lauren is no stranger to challenges as she once faced a career crossroads after graduating college with a degree in psychiatric nursing. After some soul searching she decided to take the plunge into self-employment as a marketer and content creator.

Today she continues to thrive as an independent business owner despite the many obstacles along the way. She credits her success primarily to her self-discipline, resilience and determination which have allowed her to reach new heights with each project that she takes on.

Lauren Chervinski
Author & Founder of Trippy Spirit