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4 Magical Properties of Calendula: Your Magical Companion 


Have you ever heard of the flower calendula? Perhaps you know it by its more common name, marigold! And it’s far more than a garden plant.

This vibrant yellow and orange bloom has a long history of medicinal use and there is said to be magical properties of calendula as well. Let’s take a look at what this magical flower can do! 

A Brief History of Calendula 


Calendula has been used for centuries for healing and magic purposes. 

In Medieval Europe, calendula petals have been used to heal wounds and bruises. While in India they were used to treat skin diseases

The Ancient Greeks believed that calendula flowers symbolized grief. While in the Middle Ages they were thought to ward off evil spirits

And today, calendula is still widely used! Particularly in herbal medicine as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic, and an antifungal agent. (Not to mention they’re quite beautiful too!)

What is a Magical Property?


Magical properties are intriguing and exciting, whether you believe in magical realms or just like to connect with your own spirituality. They can manifest in the form of magical objects, casting protective spells, wishes, or even communicating with spirits!

Essentially they are abilities or forces believed to originate from supernatural sources that induce magical or spiritual effects. Some believe they can be seen as a form of energy existing all around us.

While magical properties are mostly understood within the context of myth, folk tales, and fiction, there is something captivating about them that captures our imagination and urges us to explore their limits.

4 Magical Properties of Calendula

But what about its magical properties? It turns out that this powerful flower can be used for a variety of purposes, from rituals to spells. 

1. Protection

The calendula flower has long been associated with protection and good fortune. In ancient times, it was believed that wearing a crown or wreath of calendulas would bring luck and ward off evil. 

You can use the protective powers of calendulas to make your home safe from unwanted energies by placing them on window sills or door frames. Try burning some dried calendula petals or using them in a spell bag.


2. Clarity & Focus

Calendulas are also said to aid in mental clarity and focus. Use a sachet filled with dried calendula petals under your pillow or near your desk to help clear your mind and stay focused on tasks at hand. 

If you have difficulty sleeping due to stress or anxiety, try adding some fresh petals to your bathwater before bedtime, or to an intention candle. Calendulas are known for their calming effects! 

clarity and focus

3. Love

Many people claim that consuming calendula tea will bring true love into your life! This is why we often use calendula in rituals related to matters of the heart – like love spells, attraction spells, etc.

Burning dried petals during a ritual will help attract romance into your life or strengthen existing relationships. Alternatively, you can hang a bouquet of fresh flowers above your door as an invitation for love into your home. 

4. Phophecy

Finally, did you know that some people believe that placing a few dried calendula petals on your pillow will give you prophetic dreams

This is because calendula is said to be linked to the moon goddess Diana, a goddess of prophecy. So it makes sense that this flower may help you access her wisdom!  


Trippy Takeaway

Whether you use it for protection or attraction (or both!), there’s no denying that the calendula flower is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to magic and spirituality.

From its bright colors to its pleasant scent, this cheerful bloom offers many benefits for those interested in exploring its magical properties.

Maybe the next time you walk through a garden filled with these gorgeous flowers, you’ll be able to pick up on some of their special energy!

Who knows what kind of wonders it could bring into your life!

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