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4 Magical Properties of Clove & Why We Love It


Greetings, magical minds and spiritual seekers! We are about to embark on a mystical journey through the wonderland of clove, a spice that’s way more than meets the eye. Often touted for its ability to spice up our meals and ward off vampires (okay, the latter might not be true), the magical properties of clove are fascinating and can enhance our spiritual practices, rituals, and everyday lives. 

So, slather on some clove-scented sunscreen, don your most magical sunglasses, and let’s dive into the enchanting world of this extraordinary and versatile spice.


4 Magical Properties of Clove

If clove could talk, it would be shouting “magic” from the rooftops. Used for centuries, clove is a spice known for its unique flavor and aroma. But clove brings much more to the table than culinary delights – clove has a range of magical properties as well.

1. Protection

Cloves strong aroma and flavor can be used to ward off negative energies and create an atmosphere of security and safety. Clove is often blended with other herbs such as bay leaves, cinnamon, nutmeg, or rosemary to increase its effectiveness in protecting those around it from harm.


2. Strength

When used in specific spells and rituals, clove can also bring courage, strength and optimism – perfect for any journey of spiritual self-discovery!

3. The Spice of Love

Does your love life need a little more…spice? Cloves are believed to possess the power to attract love and strengthen relationships. Add cloves to love potions or sachets, or simply incorporate them into a romantic meal to awaken the senses and fortify the bond between you and your partner. 


4. Wealth and Prosperity Magnet

Clove’s magnetic draw doesn’t stop at love—it’s also sought after for its money-attracting abilities. The potent vibration of cloves is said to not only attract wealth but also assist in maintaining and growing your financial abundance.

Incorporate cloves into your prosperity rituals, such as creating magical money-drawing powders or oils, or simply carry a few cloves in your purse or wallet for a bit of extra luck. 

How to use Clove in spiritual practices

The scent of cloves can be an undeniable source of mystery and magic for many spiritual seekers. All parts of the cloves have should be considered when using them in spiritual practices. This includes the dried floral buds and stems, as well as cloves’ oil-rich leaves and bark.

Combining cloves with other herbs can also enhance their magical properties to create more potent mixtures for rituals.

Cloves are most commonly used in:


Burning cloves as incense or using clove oil in an aromatherapy diffuser can help cleanse the atmosphere of negative energies and promote emotional healing, making it the perfect support for meditation, manifestation, or deep introspection.

Those looking to bring cloves into their spiritual practice should remember that cloves are hot and drying in nature – two powerful qualities great for intensifying your connection with the universe!

How to Make a Love Potion

Need to sweeten someone’s disposition toward you? Here’s a popular folkloric trick:

Hold a clove in your left hand while visualizing your desired outcome, then hide the “charged” clove in a dessert or drink to be shared with the person you wish to influence.

Historical uses of Clove in ancient traditions

Clove has an impressive backstory that dates back centuries, making appearances in ancient Chinese, Egyptian, and Ayurvedic medicine for its extensive list of health benefits. For example, Clove was often used in celebrations of Ancient Romans and Greeks to bring joy and good luck.

Clove was also believed to have protective properties, keeping bad spirits away while welcoming the beneficent ones. Clove even often appears in dream symbolism because of its strong spiritual presence and power within ancient cultures.

The Medicinal Benefits of Clove


Have you ever felt like your body isn’t functioning at its best? It’s time to give Clove a try! This medicinal powerhouse works wonders for one’s physical health.

We’re buzzing about how soothing and calming this medicinal herb is, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties.

Plus, it can even deal with illnesses such as insect bites, toothaches and athlete’s foot – making it a medicinal go-to for many! If you haven’t already, why not check out the magical medicinal benefits that Clove has to offer!

How to make a clove-infused oil for anointing or healing work

Clove oil is known to help with healing work and can be used in magical ointments or lotions. Making your own clove-infused oil is easy to do at home with minimal preparation!

All you need are:

  • 3 tablespoons of oil (olive or jojoba oils work best)
  • 10-15 cloves
  • a pot


  1. Heat up the oil (we use coconut) over medium heat
  2. Add cloves once oil is hot
  3. Cook cloves until a few of the cloves begin to turn golden brown
  4. Take if off the heat – make sure not to burn
  5. Place the cloves & hot oil in a glass jar
  6. Make sure all the cloves are covered with the oil, then seal the lid tightly and let it sit for five days or longer.

You now have your very own magical clove oil ready for use however you see fit!


Trippy Takeaway

From its roots in magical ancient practices to its modern medicinal applications, clove has been prized for its versatile uses across cultures for thousands of years.

Its complex flavor profile makes it a sensory delight. While its many medicinal benefits can help us on our path towards spiritual healing and practice.

Whether you grow your own Clove plant at home or seek out the best quality Clove oil infused with powerful natural energies, we recommend that you invest in the highest quality products so that you can get maximum benefit from this beloved spice.

As we continue to explore our spiritual paths, let’s pay homage to the traditions of the past by using spices – like clove – and allowing their magical powers be part of our ritual work.

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