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4 Magical Properties of Mint: A Look at the Mystical Benefits of this Plant 


When you think of mint, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s a refreshing mint chocolate chip ice cream, or a delectable mojito. But did you know that there are magical properties of mint too? It’s true! 

For centuries, mint has been used for spiritual purposes, and is known to be a powerful tool in ritualistic practices. Let’s take a closer look at the wonderful world of mint and the many ways that it can help you on your spiritual journey.

4 Magical Properties of Mint

Focus & Clarity

In addition to its protective qualities, mint is said to be helpful for improving focus and concentration as well as aiding in meditation. It can help focus the mind and body while encouraging clarity of thought. 

To reap the benefits: 

  • ingest as a tea or tincture

Calming Power

Mint has long been used in aromatherapy because its strong scent is said to have calming qualities. Its aroma is thought to open up energy pathways in the body, which allows us to better connect with our inner selves

To reap the benefits: 

  • try adding some essential oil of peppermint or spearmint to your daily meditation routine

Protection and Purification

In many cultures around the world, mint was seen as a symbol of protection and purification. According to traditional folklore, Ancient Egyptians believed that mint could protect them from evil spirits. While ancient Greeks believed it could ward off illness. 

To reap the benefits: 

  • keep fresh sprigs of mint around your home will keep negative energy away and bring positive vibes into your life

Energy Boost

Some studies have suggested that mint has magical properties that physically energize us. You don’t need an energy drink to feel alert and revive your energy levels; you just need a whiff of mint! 

A little mint-scented pick-me-up can stimulate the nervous system, help improve energy levels, and even help combat fatigue. Its aroma activates several hormones in the body, including serotonin and adrenaline. Which not only make us more alert but also reduce stress. 

To reap the benefits: 

  • take a deep breath of mint to boost your energy levels naturally

Mint in Ritualistic Practices

Mint has also been used for centuries in ritualistic practices such as tarot readings or spell casting. During these rituals, people often burn dried bundles of mint and other herbs like sage for purification purposes. 

However burning small amounts of dried peppermint can also help clear away any bad energy lurking around your space before beginning any sort of ritualistic practice. 

Furthermore, the combination of mint and other herbs such as lavender and rosemary are believed to create an even stronger magical force when they are burned together

To reap the benefits of this herb: 

  • some practitioners believe that adding a pinch or two of spearmint into their incense mix will attract good luck during their rituals
  • add to intention candles during spellwork or rituals to increase the power of your intentions

Trippy Takeaway

Mentioned in ancient texts and stories throughout history, there is no doubt that mint has been treasured for centuries due to its mystical powers and healing properties. Whether you are looking for protection from evil spirits or just want to add an extra layer of positivity into your life – don’t forget about the power and potential held within this magical herb! 

So next time you savor an after-dinner mint or sip on a delicious mojito – take moment to recognize all the possibilities held within this beloved plant!

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