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12 Spiritual Laws of the Universe and What They Mean


Have you ever noticed that the universe and life seem to run according to certain laws? Lucky for us, a spiritual framework has provided us with some insight into how it all works. 

Introducing the 12 spiritual laws of the universe (and what they mean), also known as Dharma! These 12 laws are a powerful set of universal principles that can help guide us to live a more meaningful life by tapping into our own power and potential.

12 Spiritual Laws of the Universe and What They Mean

We’re here to explore how you can use each law to manifest your own dreams and desires while living in alignment with your true authentic self!

Let’s dig into these powerful teachings together.

12 Spiritual Laws of the Universe and What They Mean

1. The Law of Divine Oneness: “Everything is connected to everything else”

This spiritual law states that everything in the universe is interconnected and that we are all One with each other. We are all interconnected, through our thoughts, emotions and actions, with every living creature on Earth, as well as the stars, planets and galaxies in the universe.

It teaches us to recognize our commonality, as well as the potential for connectedness and harmony within ourselves and all things.


2. The Law of Vibration: “Everything in the universe is constantly vibrating at different frequencies”

According to this Spiritual Law, everything in the universe vibrates at its own frequency and creates a unique energetic signature.

This idea is often used in modern healing modalities such as yoga and meditation to create balance within the body and mind. And any changes we make to our vibration can have an impact on others around us.

We can use this law to attract positive experiences into our lives by raising our vibration through meditation, prayer, intention setting, and other spiritual practices. So dust off your crystals and align those vibes!

3. The Law of Correspondence: “Our outer world corresponds to our inner world”

Also known as “as above, so below” this law has a direct relation to the Divine Oneness. It states that what happens in one realm reflects what happens in another realm; both seen or unseen ones

It connects the physical realm with spiritual realms reminding us how everything exists within each other. Patterns exist in our thoughts that then become (or correspond to) our actions we take.

We may notice these patterns in the world around us, and these patterns may extend through generations (i.e. child abuse).


4 .The Law Of Attraction: “We will attract whatever we focus on and give energy to”

This spiritual law allows you to attract whatever you focus on consistently. Whether its positive thoughts (like love) generating positive outcomes (like attracting relationships) or negative ones (like fear) creating negative results (like an inability to take risks). 

It’s important not only to monitor what you think but also be clear about these thoughts. What is it that you want in life? What do you want to achieve?

Point your thoughts in a certain direction because your thoughts will attract that outcome.


5. The Law of Inspired Action: “We must actively participate in creating our reality”

The Law of Inspired Action is an important spiritual law to be aware of. It states that in order to manifest your intentions, you have to take inspired action towards them

Simply wishing and hoping for things just won’t cut it, you must put in the work! But, here’s the key: it has to be inspired action. 

By this we mean that sudden flashes of insight and creative solutions should be embraced and acted on, as opposed to feelings of hesitation which should probably warrant a double check or two before jumping into anything blindly. 

Taking inspired action starts with not only thinking of what you want in life (through meditation, intention setting, prayer) but also performing actions to take yourself there.

The Law of Inspired Action

6. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy: “Energy is constantly changing forms”

Simply put, this law states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy that realizes that everything is an energy field; emotions, thoughts, ideas, and experiences. And they all have an energy influence on us and things around us. 

According to this law, we can take negative energy and essentially turn it into something useful by transmuting it. This is done through applying different thought patterns in order to use it as fuel for growth. 

Great news for those of us who struggle in certain aspects of their lives! Instead of getting discouraged or giving up when things get tough, we can transmute those feelings into fuel to help move us closer to their goals!

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

7. The Law of Cause & Effect: “Every action has a reaction or consequence”

Similar to the laws of vibration & correspondence this law states that for every action there will be a reaction or consequence

Essentially this is the “karma law,” what goes around comes around. Meaning whatever energy we put out into the world will eventually return back to us threefold. Either good or bad depending on what intentions were behind it when it was sent out originally. 

In other words whatever we put out into the universe determines what comes back for us – either positive results or negative ones. This is why it’s important for us to make sure we only put out positive intentions & thoughts into the universe! 

You may not see the “effect” right away, but it will surely “come around” – aka karma!

The Law of Cause and Effect

8. The Law of Compensation: “We will be compensated for what we give out”

The spiritual law of the universe that states ‘You Reap What You Sow’ is a fundamental concept for creating successful abundance, both materially and spiritually. 

The law of compensation instills trust in us that whatever we put out will come back to us, as long as we are open to receiving it in whatever ways the universe deems appropriate

To use this law practically, it’s beneficial to tip generously and send your abundance forward with no expectation of monetary payment. 

Another great way of using this law is by becoming the referral master. Helping others by connecting them with service providers who are the best at what they do! This can be particularly helpful if you’re in the business world. 

By doing so, you can be sure that anything you put out into the world will come back around to you in some way or another – maybe even in ways you can’t anticipate yet! 

The Law of Compensation

9. Law of Relativity: “Everything is relative to something else”

Basically, the Law of Relativity dictates that no single event or thing is objectively better or worse than another – it’s all relative! Thinking this way can help us open our eyes to the power of understanding, tolerance, and acceptance that comes with looking at any situation through an unbiased lens. 

Embracing this Law will help you explore life’s complexities in a more appreciative, understanding manner.

10. The Law of Polarity: “Everything has an opposite”

This law states that everything has two opposite poles – such as good and bad, light and dark – but each pole contains elements of the other. Think yin and yang, the black and white are on separate sides but each have a circle of the other color within them. 

This teaches us to embrace both sides of a situation in order to gain a greater understanding of life’s mysteries and make more conscious choices. 


11. The Law of Rhythm: “Everything has a natural rhythm or cycle”

This law states that everything moves in cycles or rhythms – like day turning into night or the tides coming in and out of shore. 

By learning to flow with these rhythms, we can tap into higher levels of consciousness and understanding about the way life works on a deeper level. 


12. The Law of Gender: Everything has masculine and feminine energy.

Through the Law of Gender, every spiritual truth has a masculine and feminine component. The law states that every principle within our physical reality is made up of both masculine and feminine energies, which work together in tandem to create harmony

It also applies to all sorts of non-physical concepts as well: 

  • fear and love
  • aggression and tenderness
  • will power and surrender

All of these opposites combine their unique strengths when embraced in equal measure. It’s fascinating that this law applies equally whether it’s between two individuals or two nations! 

After all, the Law of Gender is a fundamental law of the Universe that brings about balance, order and wholeness.


Trippy Takeaway

Overall, these twelve spiritual laws are an incredibly powerful force that can be used to bring great power and transformation into people’s lives. 

The flexibility and potential they provide means that everyone can find a way to shape these spiritual laws to serve their goals and dreams

From the Law of Attraction to the Law of Gender, we have a vast array of tools available to us in our pursuit of inner peace, harmony, and enlightenment. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the 12 spiritual laws of the universe and what they mean!

Embrace the power and beauty of these spiritual laws to create positive ripples throughout your life and possibly even the world. Who knows by understanding and applying these twelve laws you might affect generations to come!

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