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Abundance Candle: What is it & How to Use it

abundance candle ritual

Candles have been used for centuries for their ability to create a warm, inviting atmosphere, as well as for their relaxing and calming effects. But have you ever heard of an abundance candle? 

These candles are believed to bring prosperity, abundance, and good fortune to those who use them.

So, what exactly is an abundance candle? 

An abundance candle is a powerful and creative way to manifest abundance and prosperity in your life. It’s essentially a candle that’s filled with intention and energy, allowing you to make positive changes with the help of some mystical vibes.

As it burns, it releases essential oils that are believed to carry vibrations of abundance as they fill the room with their powerful scent. Plus, you get the bonus of beautiful aesthetic on top of all that good juju!

Abundance candle ingredients

Abundance candle ingredients vary from maker to maker. However they typically contain specific essential oils and herbs that are thought to bring abundance, like rosemary and cinnamon.

These herbs may be complemented by “abundance symbols” – coins, precious stones like turquoise or citrine – charged with a special intention for abundance.

Quality abundance candles also may include additional essential oils such as sandalwood, orange blossom and jasmine. They can provide a sensual aroma that adds an extra dimension to the experience.

All the ingredients are blended together with either beeswax or soy wax to create a powerhouse candle designed to usher abundance into the life of the user.

Typical abundance candle ingredients may include:
  • precious stones: crystals & stones known for their abundance-attracting properties
    • turquiose
    • citrine
    • jade
    • gold flakes
  • herbs:
    • cinnamon
    • rosemary
  • essential oils:
    • pine
    • cinnamon
    • patchouli

How do abundance candles work?

To use an abundance candle, simply light it and set an intention for what you wish to attract into your life. This could be financial abundance, abundance in love or relationships, or abundance in personal growth and development. 

As you light the candle, focus on your intention and visualize yourself receiving the abundance you desire.

Some people also choose to incorporate other rituals into their use of abundance candles. For example, you might write your intention down on a piece of paper and place it under the candle as it burns. 

Others might recite affirmations or mantras while the candle burns. Learn how to set intentions with candle here.

abundance candle

Limitations of an abundance candle

It’s important to remember that abundance candles are not a COMPLETE magic solution to attracting abundance into your life. They are simply a tool that can help to focus your intention and create a positive, receptive mindset

In order to truly manifest abundance, it’s important to take action and work towards your goals.

That being said, abundance candles can be a useful addition to your manifesting toolkit. The act of lighting a candle and setting an intention can help to create a sense of calm and focus, which can in turn help you to better visualize and manifest your desires.

Using an abundance candle ritual in practice

If you’re interested in incorporating abundance candle rituals into your manifesting practice there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

  1. Choose a candle made with high-quality ingredients. 
  2. Set aside a dedicated space for your abundance candle ritual. 
    • This could be a altar, a special corner in your home, or simply a quiet spot where you can sit and focus on your intention.
  3. Finally, be consistent in your use of abundance candles. 
    • Set aside time to light your candle and focus on your intention on a regular basis. Whether that’s daily, weekly, or monthly.
    • The more consistent you are, the more powerful your manifestation practice will become.

Abundance Candle Prayer

As part of your ritual, you may want to recite an abundance candle prayer to give you some guidance. Speak from the heart, the words may even come to you as you go!

If you’re new to this and could use a little direction, we put a little abundance prayer together for you for some inspo:

Almighty and ever-present divine presence, we come before you in humble gratitude for the abundance of blessings you have given us. We thank you for the abundance of love and joy that fills our lives, and we honor your presence in all aspects of our being.

We ask that you help us to open our hearts and minds to all forms of abundance, so that we may live in a state of true contentment.

Let us be inspired by your grace to seek out the riches of nature, allowing them to fill us with a deep sense of connection to all that is alive. Help us to cultivate a spirit of gratitude each day, so that we can acknowledge and appreciate all that we receive.

We invite you into our circle as a purveyor of prosperity and success. Open up new paths for our growth, so that we may manifest what we need when it serves our highest good.

Provide us with opportunities to improve ourselves and increase our abundance in ways both tangible and intangible. Bless us with financial security as well as emotional stability.

Strengthen the bonds between us and others, so that together we can create wealth from cooperation rather than competition.

Let this candle symbolize the divine fire of abundance within each one of us. Fill it with your light so that it may radiate peace, love, health, wealth, and wisdom far beyond our reaches.

Help its flame spark ideas for actions which will bring about real change in our lives. May this flame never grow dim as long as it is fanning the sparks within us that yearn for an abundant life filled with beauty, creativity and connection!

So feel free to use this, or maybe it will spark some ideas for your own!

Trippy Takeaway

We think that abundance candles are a super useful tool if you’re seeking to attract abundance and prosperity!

By focusing your intention and creating a positive, receptive mindset, you can use these candles to help manifest your desires. 

Just remember to choose high-quality candles and be consistent in your practice. This will help you get the most out of your abundance candle ritual!

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