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Goddess of Love & Light: Divine Feminine Poem


This divine feminine poem is a tribute to the everyday feminine, a powerful spiritual and transformative force that exists within all of us.

It speaks to the many facets of the divine feminine, from her role as a creator and protector, to her wisdom and guidance.

Through her love and light, she helps us navigate through life’s challenges and find our way to inner peace and fulfillment. She is a source of inspiration and a beacon of hope, always there to lift us up and guide us on our journey.

This poem celebrates the goddess within us all, and seeks to honor and give thanks for her endless love and grace.


Goddess of Love & Light: Divine Feminine Poem

The divine feminine, a force so mighty

A presence that fills the air so lightly

She is the embodiment of love and grace

A guiding light in any place

She is the mother, the nurturer, the carer

The one who always knows how to repair

The wounds of the world, with her gentle touch

She is the goddess, the one we can’t get enough

She is the earth, the sea, the sky

The mountains, the rivers, the stars in the sky

She is the moon, the shining, glowing orb

A beacon of hope in the midst of the storm

She is the creator, the one who brings life

Into the world, with her love and her light

She is the protector, the one who shields us

From harm, with her strength and her trust

She is the wisdom, the knowledge, the truth

The one who helps us find our way, in our youth

She is the inspiration, the muse, the guide

The one who helps us fulfill our dreams, with pride

She is the divine feminine, a goddess so pure

A presence that fills us with love and with cure

She is the light that guides us through the dark

A beacon of hope, a meaningful spark

So let us honor her, let us give her our love

For she is the divine feminine, sent from above

A goddess who fills our hearts with delight

The one who helps us see things in a new light

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