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Embrace Your Shadow: Spiritual Meaning of Shadow Work

Spiritual Meaning of Shadow Work

Shadow work is an important concept in spirituality that not many people are familiar with; basically it’s a practice in archaeology-ing your soul. It’s a bit like deep diving beneath the surface of your subconscious and examining all the parts within us that make up who we are. Sounds kinda freaky, right? But fear no … Read more

Music & Beyond: Discover the Spiritual Meaning of Musical Instruments

spiritual-meaning-of-musical-instruments (2)

Have you ever been mesmerized by the soothing sounds of a melodic saxophone solo? Or perked up to the beat of an upbeat marimba riff?  Music has certainly been celebrated as having spiritual power and emotion, with many different musical instruments being associated with areas such as peace, joy, healing and energy.  But what is … Read more

5 Signs of Blocked Feminine Energy (& How to Unblock It)


Feminine energy is an essential aspect of every person, regardless of their gender. It represents qualities such as receptivity, creativity, and emotional intelligence. When feminine energy is blocked, it can lead to a range of negative physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms. Here are some signs that your feminine energy may be blocked and what you … Read more

8 Signs of a Spiritual Birth: How to Know if You’ve Had a Spiritual Awakening

signs of a spiritual birth

While most people are familiar with the concept of physical birth, spiritual birth is a relatively unknown concept. It refers to an individual’s spiritual awakening and journey towards enlightenment.  If you’re curious about spiritual birth and want to know more, then you’ve come to the right place! We will be exploring spiritual birth, what it … Read more